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Happiness is a choice (Breakfast)

  • Purpose: To create the inspiring sense of living, a cheerful life in the upcoming new year and in regards to the brand’s social responsibilities.
  • Target Group: Male/Female 15-35 and social class A, B, C1
  • Time: launched on the international day of happiness coinciding with the first day of Persian calendar, Farvardin 1st – 1396. And closed on Khordad 31st 1396, on the international day of music.
  • Description: Around 39% of Iran’s population is people from 15 to 35 years old, whose essential need is to have a happy spirit. By getting motivated and through inspiration they will be on the right way into their definite goals in life. This group of people, who are modified as Sunstar’s target consumers, use music as a means of happiness. Subsequently since 1395 Sunstar has chosen music as one of its major elements to communicate with consumers.