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Perfect Together ( Combidome )

  • Purpose: Unveiling the new packaging “Combidome”
  • Target Group: Male/Female 25-40
  • Time: Summer 1395
  • Description: Bottles have been the first and the easiest forms of packaging. However, they are recently replaced with paper packs because they lack the ability to maintain the quality of a product. Combidome is Sunstar’s latest form of packaging in which the bottle and the paper pack are combined. The obtained container has the same feature of a bottle making it possible for consumers to take in the juice to its last drop. Also it has the similar characteristic of a pack that is maintaining the quality of the liquid. In this campaign, which was announced in spring when the singer and songwriter Xaniar Khosravi Sunstar’s brand ambassador performed in his concert accompanying by his brother Sirvan Khosravi who is also a famous vocalist, the evolutional transformation in packaging industry was revealed in the country.