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Our Story

Zarrin Jam Marina Company was established in 2008 with more than one hundred thousand square meter factory area, located in Kaveh Industrial City. Productions was first marketed in 2012 by the name of Sunstar. ZJM. Co has integrated the newest technology in their production lines, Sunstar Juice is considered one of the highest quality and most prominent juice brand available on the Iranian market. As a manufacturer of one of the best Juices, we have a great responsibility towards our consumers. we do not compromise on quality and food safety, as we have the entire production process under our own control from start to finish, we can guarantee maximum quality, healthy, refreshing, sweet-tasting product that does not contain any artificial preservatives or additives. Sunstar Juice comes in convenient easy to consume individual packages 200 ml, 200 ml (Pulpy) and 240 ml (pulpy), as well as 1-liter varieties, with 24 different flavors and also fruit syrup in 10 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg and 780 gr. We continuously improve by challenging ourselves. We involve all employees across the whole Value Chain to achieve and maintain consumer trust.

Be The Best You Can Be

Sunstar is successful: For us success is not necessarily the first or the best or the highest. For Sunstar success means be the best you can be.


Brand as a Company

A part of our mission:

Our mission is set to consistently seek potential opportunities based on people’s needs and wants all around the world resulting in the development of products and services with the most value and highest level of perceived quality.This is to help people have a healthier and a happier life.


Brand as a person

SunStar brand personality:

– Sunstar is young and spirited: Age for us is just a number . we think the youth is a soul that makes a special  character. Youth power is a stimulator pushing you towards your goals.

– Sunstar is innovative and up to date: we welcome new ideas. We believe everybody has special capacities that can be shown by them. We believe that for new ideas “sky is the limit”

– Sunstar is healthy: we care about our body and our planet.

– Sunstar is successful: For us success is not necessarily the first or the best or the highest. For Sunstar success means be the best you can be.


– Be the best you can be


Brand as a product

It is healthy: we have different products for different groups of people. So if consumers have some kind of illness or have to follow special diets we suggest 100% juice. Activity levels among children and teenagers are high and they need more energy so we offer drinks(with some added sugar).

-So healthy foods and drinks are not necessarily dietary.

It is innovative and up to date: we follow new trends in the world. We introduce new technologies , new tast , new usage in our industry as the first company doing so in Iran. Our new product and our new package (combidome) represents this claim.